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Brakes & Shocks Ypsilanti MI

The brake system in your vehicle ensures that it stops when it is meant to, making it one of the most critical components in safe driving on the road. With an efficiently working brake system, you can be sure that your automobile, the passenger, the driver and other drivers on the road are also safe. Frequent checks and inspection of your brakes and shocks are important, not just to guarantee safety on the road, but also to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your brake system and repair costs that don’t pile up in the long run. Most vehicle manufacturers suggest that brake inspections must take place at regular intervals to ensure optimal system performance, cost efficient repairs, and vehicular safety on the road. This frequency is usually every 12,000 miles or thereabout. A combination of the vehicle manufacturer specs and the current condition of the key components of the brake system as well as the brake linings is what usually determines recommendations for brake system repair. You don’t always have to check under the engine of your vehicle to realize the need to fix the brakes and shocks. There are some warning signs that you can be alert for such as: a system imbalance is indicated by the brake dashboard light glowing red; issues with the anti-lock brake system (ABS) is indicated by the brake dashboard light glowing red; a squealing or grinding is heard when you use your brakes; when you hit the brakes, it is slow to respond or the brake pedal feels spongy to the touch. If you do notice any of these warning signs, it might be your vehicle’s brakes system trying to tell you that it needs an inspection or an overhaul. Auto One specializes in the repair of brakes and shocks, as well as the thorough inspection of hydraulics, critical system components and friction material to ensure the efficient running of your vehicle. We are qualified at performing repairs on brakes and shocks on every make and model of vehicle. We run an in-depth diagnostic on the key components and the brake system of your vehicle and prepare a comprehensive and clear evaluation report with our inferences. Our expert team of auto repair technicians will then take you through this report and explain the nuances of your brake system, what might be wrong with it, and will proceed to offer a cost-effective, total solution to meet your needs.


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